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How to Care for your Flowers

It’s always wonderful to have fresh flowers in the house! Unfortunately, they never seem to last quite as long as we wish they would. There are some things you can do to make a significant difference and make your cut flowers last longer than they usually do. Below are a few tips!

Step #1 - Give Them a Fresh Cut

When cutting your flower stems, cut them on a diagonal to allow for as much area to absorb water as possible. Re-cut the stems daily to keep them drinking! Alternate the way you cut the diagonal each day.

Here's a fun little fact! If your bouquet contains tulips, they will continue to grow a couple of inches after they’ve been cut. Have you ever noticed how they tend to get a little messy in your bouquets? It's because they are longer than the other flowers. So be sure to give them a good trim!

Step #2 - Keep Your Flowers Cool

Try to keep your flowers as cool as possible. That doesn't mean you have to keep them in the fridge at all times. Just try to keep them as cool as you can. Flowers will wilt in the heat, so do what you can to try to prevent that from happening. Use cold water in your vases, they like to drink cold fresh water. Place them away from a window where the hot sun can shine on them. Even though they need sun to grow, once they are cut it's not their friend. Trust me, they will be much happier in a cool spot.

Step #3 - Feed Them

Here's a little recipe to use:

· 1 quart Cold Water

· 1 tablespoon White Sugar

· 1 teaspoon White Vinegar

· 1 tablet 325 milligrams Aspirin

· 1 teaspoon Household Bleach

To Prepare:

Combine the Water with the Sugar and vinegar.   Stir to combine.    Add the Aspirin and wait for it to dissolve.

Add the drop of bleach


Step #5 - Give Them Fresh Water

Flowers are like humans! They like to drink fresh water and eat fresh food. So.... When you make your cuts each day make sure you give your flowers fresh food and water! This really helps, especially if there are any hints of bacteria forming in the water. If the water is cloudy, dump in out and give your flowers some fresh water. You'll be amazed at how they perk up!