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Grapefruit & Sweet Vanilla 8 oz Diffuser


Grapefruit & Sweet Vanilla 8 oz Diffuser

Introducing the Grapefruit & Sweet Vanilla 8 oz Diffuser by Made by Mixture - the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and fragrance to your home! This pretty reed diffuser belongs to our Home Fragrance range and fills your rooms with a light yet refreshing scent of grapefruit and sweet vanilla. This diffuser comes with sleek black reeds that not only absorb the fragrance but also help diffuse it throughout the entire room, making it an excellent alternative to candles in places where candles are not allowed. Just sit back, relax and let the diffuser work its magic. Our room diffuser is 100% natural, making it completely safe to use around your family and pets. Plus, with a capacity of 8 oz, it will last a long time, providing you with the gentle scent of grapefruit and sweet vanilla, every time you enter the room. Upgrade your home fragrance game today with Made by Mixture's Grapefruit & Sweet Vanilla 8 oz Diffuser!

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