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A Tooth Fairy Named Mort-Hardcover


A Tooth Fairy Named Mort-Hardcover

Truly one of the BEST books of the year! "Sit back, snuggle up and be prepared to answer every question your child ever had about the tooth fairy. This book will become a family favorite for Years to Come." -Suzanne Lively, Librarian

Magical, with breathtaking illustrations. "I cannot quite put into words how magical this book has been for my daughter! All her questions at this age were answered. Beliefs affirmed. The illustrations are breathtaking, and the backstory is beautiful. Truly a talented author, and story that every young child needs to hold close!" -L.M. Marshall    

A Tooth Fairy Named Mort

Synopsis: If you could fly across the water, just as the sun begins to set and slip between the top of the waves and the breeze coming out of the west, you will come to a lovely beach of sand, right on the edge of Fairyland.  As you a glimpse into this magical kingdom, where all flying creatures live, you will see everyone doing jobs, but Mortina, the tooth fairy, has the most important job of all.

We will journey together into the tooth fairy’s world, where you will discover why she needs your teeth, how she gets human money, and why she doesn’t show up some nights. Before it ends you will realize how important it is to take care of your teeth because YOU hold the power to continue fairy magic forever.

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