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Salt and Sage Spa Salt Soak


Salt and Sage Spa Salt Soak

Indulge in a blissful moment of relaxation with our Salt and Sage Spa Salt Soak. This mixture of bath salts will transport you to a tropical paradise with its top notes of sea air, salt, and the soothing textures of sand and stone. As you soak, the aromatic blend of driftwood, seaweed, and invigorating sage will take your senses on an unforgettable journey. Imagine a perfect Beach Day, without leaving your home. Our colorful pastel bath salts, made by Mixture Bath Salts, will turn your ordinary bath into a luxurious spa experience. Let the scent of the ocean and the calming effects of our Spa Salt Soak wash away the stress and tension from your body. Not only will you feel relaxed, but your skin will also drink in the nourishing benefits of this amazing product. Soothe your tired muscles and unwind from the strains of the day while your skin glows with radiance. Immerse yourself in the ultimate self-care ritual and create your own oasis of tranquility. Experience the next best thing to floating around Fiji with our Salt and Sage Spa Salt Soak. Treat yourself today and elevate your bath time to new heights of indulgence.

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