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Summer is in the rear-view mirror and fall is quickly approaching.  The official first day of fall is September 22nd.  Enjoy every last second of it before Old Man Winter gets here!  

When most people think of fall, they  think of back to school, cool crisp air, pumpkin spiced lattes, bon fires, sweatshirts and Football...GO Chiefs!  When you are a florist like me, you think of HOMECOMING! 

We are already busy at White Farmhouse Flowers preparing for Homecoming 2022.  Our shop in downtown Parkville took many orders last year from students at Park Hill South, Park Hill, and Liberty...just to name a few.    

Flowers are an important part of the homecoming tradition. Here are a few tips on ordering a corsage for Homecoming 2022.  

Order early  

Don't wait to the last minute to place your order for a corsage.  Corsages are time consuming to make, and many florists set a cut-off date for orders to allow the necessary time to complete their orders.  

Don't be surprised 

The price of a corsage will vary depending on the variety of flowers you pick. Don't be surprised if the florist asks you to pre-pay for your corsage.  As mentioned earlier, they are time consuming to make,  so many florists will ask for pre-payment.   

Know what your Date is Wearing 

It really helps the florist to know the color of your dates outfit/dress. Most corsages are made to match the outfit your date is planning on wearing.  You won't want the flowers in your corsage to clash with his/her outfit. If you happen to know your dates favorite flower that is always helpful.  The more information you share with the florist, the more likely you are to get the corsage of your dreams.  

Allow Enough Time 

Allow enough time to pick up your corsage on the date of the dance.  Establish a pick up time with the florist so they have it ready to go when your get there.  

How to Store your corsage 

Store your corsage in a cool dry place,  If you store your flowers in a refrigerator remove all fruit before you put the flowers in and shut the door.  There are some fruits that release a gas that can kill or spoil some of your fresh flowers.  

Types of corsages 

Corsages come in a variety of styles.  A wrist corsage is a miniature arrangement of flowers worn as an accessory.  It is either pinned on a dress, or attached to a bracelet or arm band. If you decide on a wrist corsage, there are many bracelet options to choose from.  The styles range from a simple slap bracelet, to a stretchy rhinestone bracelet with crystals in gold, silver or iridescent options.   

Another option is a trend we saw developing last year during prom season.  Instead of purchasing a small wrist corsage, several customers decided on a beautiful floral bouquet.  (Similar to a small bridesmaid bouquet).  

When ordering a corsage, think "outside the box."  Just because traditional corsages use roses that doesn't mean you have to.  Orchids can add a beautiful touch to corsages.  One of our favorites corsages from last year had straw flowers as an accent.  The possibilities are endless, so take some time to talk with the florist about your date and his or her personality.   

Don't forget you can add a little bit of sparkle or texture to your corsage by adding a touch of crystals or feathers.   Most florist offer an option to add these in.  

Don't forget to order a matching boutonniere 

Often times the boutonniere is ordered at the same time as the corsage. By doing so, it assures that it will be made with matching flowers to the corsage.  

How to wear a boutonniere 

If worn on a suit coat, it should lie in the middle of the lapel, just below the widest section. If worn on a shirt, it should be placed in the upper left region, above the heart.   

Boutonnieres are typically made with one flower and some greenery.  However, a popular new trend is to use just simple greenery.  For the purpose of homecoming or prom, we suggest matching the corsage and boutonniere. 

We would be delighted to help you with all of your corsage and boutonniere  needs at White Farmhouse Flowers, 113 Main Street in downtown Parkville.  Feel free to call us at 816-535- ROSE (7673).